Chicken congee and seafood congee 

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3 cups of rice makes a pot of congee. 

3 pieces of Chicken + sesame oil 


One slab of basa filet 

Scallop , clam and shrimp + rice wine 


Soak rice overnight for quick cook 

Defrost seas food or chicken overnight. 

Bring rice and water to a strong boil and then add in chicken / seafood and slices of ginger. Once water come to a strong boil again, turn off the heat, cover and let sit (2 hours ). 

Then you get your delicious creamy congee 😀 

IMO the sesame made the congee smell really good! But the clam may have tasted a little too fishy to my liking. 


fry chicken

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  1. Heat large or small skillet over medium heat 2 to 3 minutes, until a few drops of water splashed in the pan bead and dance.
  2. Add chicken pieces, pressing them against bottom and side of pan.
  3. Meat may stick, but will loosen as browning continues.
  4. Place lid on pan slightly ajar.
  5. When meat loosens, turn and fry until golden brown and cooked through, about 10 minutes.

oil or grease is unnecessary. recipe taken from saladmaster

A beautiful concept but messy affair. lots of oil and occasional tiny splatter when I was moving the chicken, hence the ajar lid but I covered it completely and made my crispy sink soggy. and I might’ve cooked it a little too high heat burning the skin a little before the chicken is fully cooked.



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The chicken bought fresh today, marinated for 2 hours. I tried a 1) dry rubbed,  2) korean rib sauce, and 3) kraft bbq. The bbq sauce tasted weird directly but amazing after cooked on chicken!

All turned out great. I liked the bbq sauce just because it was thicker and sticks well on the chicken while marinated and baking.

I also simultaneously tossed some potato with melted and then solidified butter with spices.

baked @400 degrees and the chickens were done around 30-40mins and the potatoes were done at 40mins (to my surprise that it took so long). The chicken came out really nice – juicy and moist.


I want to try this next! skillet so I can cook less at once. and try to get the seared crispy skin 😛

Honey Dijon Garlic Chicken

Baked honey chicken(yehyeh)

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Swiss soy sauce chicken (瑞士雞翼)

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So I looked at a few recipes and adopted this method:

1) Clean the chicken with running water; pat dry chicken (which I did nothing of step 1)

2) Add ginger slices and green onions into boiling water. Add chicken to boiling water (to get ride of the “fridge and blood smell”)… cook for 4mins or until chicken is 50-80% cooked, basically semi cook. Make sure you add the chicken in boiling hot water than still water to make sure you don’t cook the chicken completely! 🙂

Mine was basically completely cooked on the outside and the fork came out clean when I first poke it with a fork but then some sorta oil/ bloody water started seeping out when I left it sit for a min while I get the ice water ready.

3) Soak in ice water for 10mins; until chicken is cold.

4) Mix 1:1 soy sauce to sweet soy sauce in a pot. And then add water (1:1 water to soy sauce) so the chicken will be fully submerged. Bring sauce to strong boil then add chicken. Make sure chicken is fully submerged. Depending on preference, you could adjust the sweet soy sauce (or soy sauce with sugar) and water ratio.

5) Let simmer for 8-10mins until chicken is fully cooked.

I made two chicken thighs at once. The first one did have really smooth, great textured meat but we left the second chicken thigh in the soy sauce for another good half an hour so it’s tastier. We then ate it day old which we weren’t sure what made the meat “old” and not as young and smooth anymore – over cooked or day old.

So I learnt a new term today called “拖水”, which is the process of blanching meat then soak in ice cold water.wpid-wp-1437613740152.jpg

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